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Welcome to MPC! Manufactured Products Company makes a variety of steel products which are hot dip galvanized after manufacture, especially for applications where appearance is important. We have the ability to cut, punch or drill, and weld a variety of steels. We specialize in repetitive galvanizing on similar items, rather than one of a kind products.
We make lintels for the masonry construction industry. Our pre-cut, galvanized steel EnviroSave® brand brick angles. We manufacture and sell our galvanized steel Ironclad™ * high security fence.

MPC has produced highway guardrail posts and blocks meeting the specifications of the Department of Transportation for the State of Florida, as well as posts and blocks meeting the specifications of the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development. We also worked in the utility industry, making various components for high voltage transmission lines.

In addition, MPC can contract to inventory products on our Customer's behalf and make just-in-time deliveries.

* Patent Pending